I love Chicago’s historic architecture. How can I get involved and make a difference?

Preservation Chicago is a small, grassroots advocacy non-profit.  Due to our small size, our Board and volunteers play an important role in helping to further our mission. 

Ways to get involved include:

  1. Speak Out on Social Media: Actively promote and forward preservation oriented social media posts.  The more people who know about a threatened historic building, the more likely it is that a campaign to save it will be successful.
  2. Become a Neighborhood Preservation Leader: Chicago is a city of neighborhoods and the best defense for historic buildings is from within the neighborhood.  The earlier you hear about a threatened building, the more likely an effort will be to save it.  Organize others within the neighborhood who share a passion for preservation.  Preservation Chicago works with many neighborhood organizations throughout the city and has found it to be one of the most important factors in successful outcomes.
  3. Be in touch!  Call, email, or come to one of our events.  We are always looking to meet other preservationists.