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  • Paul Lisnek’s Behind the Curtain WGN Long-Format Radio Interview: Chicago’s Incredible Architecture Under Threat….with Preservation Chicago Executive Director Ward Miller

    Author:- Paul Lisnek: Behind the Curtain

    Date:- Thursday May 10, 2018

    Publisher:- WGN News Radio Long-Format Podcast

    In this interview, Paul goes behind the curtain with a focus on Chicago’s amazing architecture with the executive director of Preservation Chicago, Ward Miller. The recent find of artifacts from the Columbian Exposition of 1893 underneath the surface of the site for the Obama Library and Education Center, the uncertain future of The Tribune Tower, Macy’s on State Street and the State of Illinois Building is explored and the list of the 7 most endangered Chicago buildings along with an explanation of how that annual list is determined.

  • Preservation Chicago Releases Annual ‘Most Endangered Buildings’ List

    Author:- Jason Marck

    Date:- Thursday March 1, 2018

    Publisher:- Morning Shift WBEZ Chicago

    Chicagoans take pride in the fact that their city is home to an abundance of iconic and historically important pieces of architecture in the world. The non-profit Preservation Chicago was created to be a voice for those buildings, and keep them from the wrecking ball by finding ways to restore and repurpose. Since 2003, Preservation Chicago has released an annual “Most Endangered” list to raise awareness, money, and ideas for pieces of our city that would otherwise be lost. The 2018 list was announced yesterday at noon, and Executive Director Ward Miller joins us to go through the list and why these places and spaces are worth saving.

  • Preservation Chicago’s 2018 “Chicago 7” Most Endangered list released

    Author:- Eric Allix Rogers

    Date:- Wednesday February 28, 2018

    Publisher:- Chicago Patterns

    At noon on Wednesday, February 28, Preservation Chicago released its annual Chicago 7 list of most endangered buildings. Each year for the past 15 years, the local historic preservation advocacy organization has used this list to draw the public’s attention to threatened elements of Chicago’s built environment. Whether they face specific and urgent threats, or longer-term and more diffuse ones, failing to preserve these places would erase important parts of Chicago’s history and harm the distinctive and celebrated built environment of the city.

  • Jackson Park tops Chicago preservationists’ most endangered sites of 2018

    Author:- Jay Koziarz

    Date:- Wednesday February 28, 2018

    Publisher:- Curbed Chicago

    Every year the city’s leading nonprofit preservation group, Preservation Chicago, announces the “Chicago 7”—a list of seven significant buildings, parks, or public artworks considered to be the most endangered. This year saw the lineup grow by one as eight sites were deemed worthy of recognition.

  • Preservation Chicago Names City’s 7 Most Endangered Structures of 2017

    Author:- Erica Gunderson

    Date:- Tuesday March 7, 2017

    Publisher:- Chicago Tonight, WTTW

    This year, Preservation Chicago’s annual list of endangered structures sounds the alarm on not just buildings, but also public art. The group is also concerned about the effect a prominent construction project will have on one of Chicago’s most beloved and historically significant parks. A live Q&A with Ward Miller, interspersed with information about this year’s list. And link to video from live broadcast.

  • Preservation Chicago’s Ward Miller On The Balance Between Preservation And Development

    Author:- Chuck Sudo

    Date:- Monday January 9, 2017

    Publisher:- Bisnow Chicago

    Development and preservation are constantly locked in a dance, with each party trying to lead. But the two can successfully coexist, as projects like 1K Fulton, Londonhouse and the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel have proven.

    Miller said that Preservation Chicago encourages investment in historic and landmark buildings, as they can lay the foundation for building better neighborhoods in the future.

  • A Chicago Landmark Reimagined: A William Le Baron Jenney-designed building lives on as a Kimpton Hotel

    Author:- Katharine Keane

    Date:- Wednesday November 16, 2016

    Publisher:- National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preservation Magazine

    The Great Recession of 2007 and 2008 complicated the economic growth and progress of cities around the country. But for Chicago’s New York Life Insurance Building, it may have been the Hail Mary needed to save the 1894 structure from destruction, once and for all.

  • Preservationists Plead With Pilgrim Baptist To Drop Demolition Plans

    Author:- Sam Cholke

    Date:- Wednesday November 16, 2016

    Publisher:- DNAinfo Chicago

    THE GAP — Members of the preservation community are calling on Pilgrim Baptist Church to withdraw its application for a permit to demolish its landmark building and for the city to drop its court case against the church.
    Ward Miller, executive director of Preservation Chicago, said Tuesday he has visited the church on the past two Sundays

  • Old Town Workers Cottage Saved From Wrecking Ball; Second Home Not So Lucky

    Author:- Ted Cox

    Date:- Wednesday January 11, 2017

    Publisher:- DNAinfo Chicago

    OLD TOWN TRIANGLE — The Commission on Chicago Landmarks delivered a split decision on the proposed demolition of two Old Town residences. The commission denied a request to tear down a prototypical workers cottage at 1639 N. North Park Ave. But it did not offer the same protection to a quirky building with a curved facade at 1638 N. Sedgwick Ave. designed by architect Edward Marks.


    Author:- Maudlyne Ihejirika

    Date:- Thursday January 1, 1970

    Publisher:- Chicago Sun-Times

    Ward Miller excitedly strode into the entrance of Chicago’s newest converted landmark but was stopped short.
    It was both the beauty of the new Gray Hotel’s majestic two-story lobby with its opulent marble expanse from floor to ceiling, and the dozens of newly hired hotel employees lining the double grand staircases that caught the executive director of Preservation Chicago off guard.

  • It’s Official: Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

    Author:- Ken Hare


    Publisher:- Chicago Defender

    Although Stone Temple Missionary Baptist Church’s landmark status was approved on June 22, 2016 by Chicago’s City Council, it was this past weekend’s ceremony that sealed the initial idea that was birthed at a chance meeting in 2014.