Piper’s Bakery Building, 1610 N. Wells

Following a significant fire in October, 2016 which originated in the kitchen of the ground floor restaurant, this highly ornate building is under considerable threat.  The wood framed and metal-clad-bay-windows and turret are proposed to be removed and a new fourth floor added to the structure.

Piper’s Bakery Building is so physically tied to Old Town in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, and was also the gateway and entry to the once very famous “Piper’s Alley,” which was “ground zero for the Counter Culture” in Chicago and the commercial heart of Old Town during that period.  It is also tied to “The Second City” -the legendary comedy venue and troupe, and home to many famous comedian-artists, which continue to move onto the national stage from this location, and in such productions as SNL-Saturday Night Live, the Hollywood movie industry. This building and its neighboring structure, is perhaps one of the few potential landmarks in our City and country, which may reflect this area of entertainment and artistry.